About me

I am Assistant Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe Business School. I received my PhD from University of Zaragoza in March 2014. My main areas of research are consumer behavior in interactive media and service management. I am especially interested in the influence of technology and Internet  on markets and consumers and firms behavior.

My research focuses on co-creation experiences and the customer participatory behavior in interactive media. In my dissertation I build on the notion of engagement or connection platforms to analyze how extrinsic (platform-related) and intrinsic (consumer-related) factors influence the customer perceptions regarding his/her co-creation experience and engagement. Furthermore, I explore the importance of customers’ perceived co-creation and engagement on their transactional and non-transactional behavior.

I am also interested in the impact of social media on branding, especially in luxury brands and how interactions in social media may influence brand perceptions of prestige and the luxury brand experience online.

My research has been published in refeered journals such as Internet Research, The Service Industries Journal, Electronic Commerce Research, Industrial Management & Data Systems and Computers & Education.

For more information about my research, please visit my Academia.edu, Researchgate  or Google Scholar profiles