Teaching Philosophy

“We only think when we are confronted with problems” (John Dewey)

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My teaching experience  has highly influenced my development as a researcher during my Ph.D. I have always found it to be a rewarding experience to teach marketing and I enjoy the teaching process of interaction with students.

I have experience lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, both in marketing and organizational studies and I have international teaching experience, gained during my stay at Surrey School of Management (UK). I also have a postgraduate qualification in Higher Education and experience in teaching in computer-mediated environments (Blackboard and Moodle). I have received very positive feedback and comments from my students in both qualitative and quantitative course evaluations. I have also developed a research project regarding my teaching experience, publishing two articles, one of them in a highly ranked journal in the field such as Computers & Education.

My approach to teaching is mainly collaborative and interactive. I do think that, in order to achieve a great learning experience, students need to take their responsibility in their learning process, so I work hard in trying to involve them during my classes. I strongly believe in the importance of learning by doing and problem-based approaches to foster critical thinking in students. In my classes I do my best to promote students’ discussion about the topic under study, being my role to moderate or to offer some guidance about critical aspects to consider in order to gain knowledge on the discussed topic. I try to integrate my research and the latest information from the extant literature in order to provide students with supplementary information. I normally use lots of current real-life examples and exercises, case studies and group projects. Through such hands-on learning and practical experience, students are able to develop better analytical skills and problem-solving abilities and are able to apply their knowledge and understanding to other situations they may face.

In order to create an optimal learning experience, I thoroughly prepare the materials for each class and I am flexible about the proposed activities, trying to adapt them to my students’ interests and needs. I am enthusiastic and available to dialogue in class and afterwards as well. I have learned a lot from my students, which I believe is crucial to my development as a professor and researcher.